‘Beyond Words’


PART 1: Investigators document Australian bulls being illegally and indiscriminately sold from an ‘approved’ feedlot in Mauritius — breaching live export regulations. Filmed October 2013.

PART 2: Investigators documented the appalling unloading of Australian bulls at a private home in preparation for slaughter in Mauritius. Filmed October 2013.

PART 3: The terrifying ordeal endured by Australian bulls slaughtered on private premises for the Festival of Sacrifice in Mauritius. Filmed October 2013.

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The end for these three bulls was violent and tragic. Sadly, on the streets of Mauritius, countless other Australian bulls also suffered terribly.

None of this should ever have happened. Discover more »

The unfortunate bulls in Mauritius were delivered to this horror direct from the importer's feedlot — in blatant contravention of Australia's live export regulations. This industry cannot be trusted to play by the rules, let alone write them.

Our new Prime Minister says live export "is a good industry". But no government can support an industry that continually breaches regulations.

For the bulls who were abandoned to suffer in Mauritius, make your voice heard! Use this form to contact your MP and ask them how they can support an industry that is acting like it is above the law.

Australian bull in Mauritius

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