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Aussie sheep buried alive in Pakistan - Call your MP TODAY!

Aussie sheep buried alive in Pakistan - Call your MP TODAY!
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28 September 2012

Distressing news from the live export trade is nothing new, but today's news surpassed even our worst fears: Thousands of Australian sheep exported to Pakistan have been clubbed, stabbed and buried alive.

"These bodies piled on top of each other in that small hole and it was filled in a matter of minutes. I could see the animal breathe. And yet that animal was lying on a pile of recently slaughtered sheep." — Reporter for The Express Tribue, Pakistan
"If the Australians find out how the sheep were killed — the stabbing, the clubbing and the burying alive — they will definitely ban animal exports to Pakistan." — industry expert, Pakistan
"Like a giant mass of wool, bloodied and filthy, they lay in trenches — slit open, stabbed or clubbed to death, while many still wriggled with some life left in them, soon to be buried alive." — Reporter for The International News, Pakistan
"I have watched the video and let me tell you that ever since I have seen those gruesome visuals, I haven't eaten or slept. Regardless of whether they were healthy or not, the way they were killed or buried alive is neither humane, nor Islamic." — Managing Director of Wellard (Australian live exporter)
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These are the latest tragic results of a live export industry that sends animals to be killed in countries where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. No politician can defend a trade that comes with the risk of animals being clubbed, stabbed, or buried alive. Enough is enough. Today, don't let your MP off the hook!

Call their office today and leave one very simple message: that you will not support a party that supports live animal export. If there's one thing we know they will care about — it is your vote. Use this form to find your MP's phone number, or learn more below.

Find your MP's phone number:



To have the most effective phone call, please be polite — and if your MP supports an end to live export, please still remind them that you will not vote for a party that has a policy to support the live export trade.

How it happened

When 21,000 sheep were rejected by Bahrain and then dumped in Pakistan, Australians held grave concerns for their welfare. Now the horrors that have occurred to these animals should make every politician who has ever expressed support for the live trade hang their head in shame.

Within days of arriving, the Pakistani government ordered the animals 'culled' — fearful that they were carrying disease. Two weeks later, the animals have been deemed healthy and yet only half are still alive. Thousands have been killed and some are 'missing'.

It is thanks to the bravery of a handful of Pakistani journalists, relentless in their pursuit of the truth, that the cruel demise of these animals hasn't been buried with them.

A month plagued by rejections, breaches, shocking neglect and now this horrendous situation in Pakistan is evidence enough. Every government measure introduced to reassure the Australian public that the welfare of exported animals would be protected has failed dismally.

These animals were born into Australian care and protection, and yet were abandoned in a foreign country by an unethical industry with its sights set on one thing — profits.

Politicians have called the shots and allowed this trade to continue thus far. But now it's time for you to make the call.

If you do only one thing today, please call your MP and demand an end to live export. Your MP has the power to influence Government policy, and they exist to represent you.

More ways to help

  • Keep the pressure on! Click here for a checklist of simple ways to help keep up the pressure to ban live export.
  • Arrange a meeting with you MP: Every email and letter, every phone call you make has an impact. But if you want to get your message loud and clear, then there's no better way than to meet with your MP. It's easy for politicians to hide behind party lines in written correspondence, but a face-to-face meeting enables you to challenge them to consider the issue and listen to your concerns. Simply drop by their office and request that your views on live export be passed on. Or download our helpful guide that provides you with all the info you need to have a successful meeting with your MP.
  • Make a donation: Animals Australia's investigations and campaigns have brought the live export trade to a precipice. This work can only continue with the support of donations from people like you. Click here to donate now.
  • Click here to share this important campaign on Facebook.
  • Click here to spread the word on Twitter.

Thank you again for giving these animals a much needed voice right across Australia. Once you've called your MP, please leave a comment below!

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