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Animals are today a step closer to an end to live export cruelty thanks to your support of our campaign! See how in this short (non graphic) video, and record your contribution below. Together we'll end live export. Here's how...
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Progress Report

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Animals Australia’s live export investigations have forced a cruel industry out of the shadows. To date, the live trade has sent over 160 million animals to be slaughtered in over a dozen countries where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. Millions have died on ships. Every investigation and subsequent campaign has delivered results for animals — but we will not stop until this trade does...


Middle East Investigations

Animals Australia has conducted 10 investigations in the Middle East and Turkey, documenting and exposing the routine cruelty faced by millions of animals exported from Australia each year. When Australian Governments failed to intervene, Animals Australia exposed the trade publicly through exposés on 60 Minutes, 7.30 Report, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, and other major news and current affairs programs.


Cattle trade to Egypt SUSPENDED

When 60 Minutes aired horrific footage taken by Animals Australia inside Egypt's notorious Bassateen abattoir, cattle exports halted immediately and no Australian animal has ever been allowed back into that facility.


Sheep trade to Egypt BANNED

After Animals Australia's evidence of the brutal treatment of Australian sheep in Egypt was made public, sheep exports to Egypt were banned — nearly 3 decades after the trade began.


Widespread stunning in Jordan

Animals Australia's work with Jordan's Princess Alia Foundation has broken new ground in the Middle East with the adoption of pre-slaughter stunning for over 80% of animals in Jordan and growing.


Backyard & street slaughter BANNED

Australian sheep in the Middle East can no longer be tied to roof racks, transported in car boots and sold for private slaughter as a result of Animals Australia's investigations exposing brutal transport and slaughter practices.


First investigation in Indonesia

Animals Australia's 2011 Indonesian investigation sparked an unprecedented public outcry when brutal slaughter of Australian animals was aired on ABC's Four Corners. Cattle exports to Indonesia were suspended within a week of the program going to air.


Rapid uptake of stunning in Indonesia

Prior to Animals Australia's investigation, the live export industry reported that 95% of Australian animals exported to Indonesia were being slaughtered while fully conscious. Twelve months on, stunning has rapidly increased, with the majority of approved facilities in that country now stunning animals prior to slaughter.


Cruel slaughter boxes BANNED

Taxpayer-funded 'Mark 1' restraint boxes installed by the live export industry in Indonesia were banned following evidence presented by Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia showing them to be cruel and inhumane.


Legislation tabled

On the back of Animals Australia's investigation in Indonesia, four historic bills were tabled in the Federal parliament to end live export with new legislation still on the table which would require all exported animals to be stunned unconscious prior to slaughter.


National rallies

A massive show of public support for an end to live export was witnessed and reported by mass media when rallies led by Animals Australia and the RSPCA saw 20,000 people converge on capital cities. The message reached politicians Australia-wide.


New export restrictions implemented

As a result of Animals Australia's investigations, live exporters are for the first time being made accountable for the animals they sell, with new government regulations requiring full traceability and approved abattoirs to meet basic standards. While a good first step, the new system has some serious shortcomings including the failure to require stunning and the lack of nightly, independent monitoring.


Flaws in new regime exposed

Just months into the new live export regime, Animals Australia investigators in Indonesia exposed violations of the system with the ensuing government investigation sanctioning two live exporters for breaches. The breaches reflect a fundamentally flawed system that while well intentioned, will not protect the welfare of Australian animals. Further investigations reveal exporters' willingness to further flout the rules and breach regulations.


Sheep exports in DECLINE

2011 marked a ten year low in live sheep exports from Australia and the drop should continue with demand for live animals decreasing and with new regulations making live export more difficult and expensive.


Mandatory stunning for all exported animals

While the live trade continues, we will campaign for all exported animals to be stunned unconscious prior to slaughter. Federal parliamentarians will soon vote on legislation that if supported would put in place this most basic protection.


Tougher export restrictions

The government's new system is a start but still doesn't demand the independent auditing and monitoring required to safeguard animals on a nightly basis, nor is stunning mandatory. The government also hasn't addressed the need for vets on ships to be independent from the exporter. Animals Australia will continue to expose flaws and push for exporters to be held accountable for breaches.


Protection for exported dairy cows

Hundreds of thousands of dairy cows and other breeding animals are exported every year to countries where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. All are eventually slaughtered yet they are not covered by the new live export rules.


Further investigations

Every Animals Australia investigation into the live export trade has forced change for animals and made exporting harder and more expensive. With your support we will continue to expose this industry and hold it to account for the suffering it causes.


Live animal export is BANNED

It's not a matter of if, but when, Australia follows the lead of nations such as New Zealand — a country that has already stopped exporting live animals for slaughter on the basis of unacceptable cruelty. This will send the critical message to importing nations that animal welfare matters, and protect millions of animals from immeasurable suffering.

Help us achieve our goal! Click here to see your personal checklist of simple actions that you can tick off right now. With your help we will end live animal export.



Animals Australia’s investigation and the Four Corners exposé generated some 60,000 media stories nationally and internationally. Informed journalists are continuing to hold the live export industry to account, and news coverage of all animal issues has increased significantly.


The cries from animals seen in our Indonesian investigation instantly reached the hearts and minds of everyday Australians. Newly awakened to the plight of animals, over 300,000 people signed GetUp’s petition to end the trade within just three days; thousands attend public rallies; and thousands more reconsidered their diets after witnessing the capacity for farmed animals to experience fear and suffering. As one savvy rural journalist observed, 'Animal welfare is the new black.'


Shockwaves reverberated through the Federal Parliament with MPs receiving more public correspondence on live export than they had previously on any other issue. Tens of thousands of emails hit the inboxes of the Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture within days of Four Corners. Four historic bills were presented to parliament to end the trade and live export is now squarely on the political agenda.