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Live export offloading cruelty exposed - TAKE ACTION

For animals exported from Australia to Israel, the sea journey is long, arduous and stressful. Some don’t survive. Those who do, face the pain and terror of fully conscious slaughter. For the thousands of Australian animals who arrived in Israel recently, the abuse and violence started before they even set foot on Israeli soil. (Footage provided by Anonymous for Animal Rights)

Live export offloading cruelty exposed - TAKE ACTION

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed that Australian animals were punched, kicked, hit and thrown while being unloaded from two livestock vessels in Israel, and handled terribly during transport to feedlots after unloading.

The official investigation report into the incidents concluded that the appalling treatment breached Australian live export regulations. However, no meaningful sanctions were placed on the two exporters involved. Instead, additional oversight by the on-board veterinarian and stockman is now required during unloading – something which should have already been occurring - as well as further training and self-reporting requirements.

Tragically, Australians have become well acquainted with scenes of animals being terribly abused in the live export trade — but this was the first time physical abuse had been captured before they even set foot on land. Read more »

This is not a live export system that is 'working'.

The only reason Australians know about what happened to these animals is because animal advocates in Israel filmed it and the only reason the exporters were investigated is because Animals Australia lodged complaints.

What is happening to Australian animals in places investigators can't get to?

Please send your Federal MP a message telling them that live export cruelty has to stop and you will not support a party that supports live export.

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