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Australian sheep still suffering in Kuwait

Sweating and panting as temperatures soared, these Australian sheep were exposed to serious heat stress as they sweltered under their wool in Kuwaiti summer conditions

Australian sheep still suffering in Kuwait

Radiating heat during a Middle Eastern summer, Kuwait City's streets were scorching … and Australian sheep were once again packed into crowded pens at the notoriously cruel Al Rai Marketpanting in distress as the air temperature reaches a suffocating 50 degrees

Only more misery lay ahead for these animals when an Animals Australia investigator found them being sold illegally at the market in June 2014. One by one they would be picked off and sold to individual buyers. Some were put in car boots and taken home to be killed. Many died near where they stood … dragged onto a concrete slab to have their throats cut. Others were taken to a nearby abattoir for cruel unstunned slaughter.

Click through this photo gallery for investigation photos:

  • Al Rai market: A man drags an Australia sheep by the hind leg, while other sheep in the pen look on.

    June 2014

  • Al Rai market: An Australian sheep pants in the extreme heat.

    June 2014

  • Al Rai market: Australian sheep for illegal sale.

    June 2014

  • Al Rai market: Australian sheep for illegal sale.

    June 2014

They were never even meant to be there. Previous harrowing abuse of Australian animals at Al Rai Market directly influenced the introduction of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) — Australia's first real attempt at regulating the live export industry.

Yet Animals Australia investigations have repeatedly exposed the utter failure of these regulations to protect animals from cruelty – or even from being sold in this very market.

Since 2010, we have returned to Al Rai market again and again, and each time documented truly disturbing scenes of Australian sheep being roughly dragged, thrown, stuffed into car boots and brutally killed.

This investigation led to our fourth formal complaint with the Department of Agriculture about these shocking ongoing breaches.

A government investigation report into previous breaches reveals that the live export regulator has effectively admitted defeat on stopping sheep 'leaking' from approved supply chains in Kuwait. All the while, policing this live export system is left to a charity: without Animals Australia the Department of Agriculture wouldn't even know these breaches were occurring.

TAKE ACTION below! Ask your MP how we can keep sending sheep to Kuwait when it's clear regulations aren't protecting them from cruelty.

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